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Visual Solutions, delivers cost effective IT solutions to clients thereby maximizing efficiency of employees and management.

Reinsurance software - Insurance software

Visual Solutions has invested over 150 man years of its resources in addressing requirements and developing products for Insurance and Reinsurance companies. By its virtue, the Insurance and Reinsurance industry is a complex model that lacks sufficient standardization. Even though in recent years standardization is being attempted and backed up by major insurance and reinsurance companies, to date it is still not widely adopted but growing by the year. One such non-profit organization that has been working on data standards for information exchange is the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development (ACORD).

Visual Solutions understands that one of the most difficult tasks for insurance and reinsurance companies is data migration and historical data entry. We have the necessary know how and experience to help you accomplish this task successfully.

Visual Solutions has developed several products for both Insurance companies and Reinsurance companies. All of the products where developed for Non-Life Insurance and Reinsurance Companies.

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